Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tater Arrow

Merry Christmas! It was a great Christmas here, thanks to our new angel. He was a perfect gentleman, even though he was in a new setting with lots of new faces. He and I fell in love with each other immediately. (see pictures, I'm not the one with grey hair...that's my mom)) He has been so good, and everyone just loves him. I finally heard him bark, when we met other dogs outside. He is doing really well, so obviously Ronnie did a great job preparing him for his new life. Thanks, Ronnie, for loving him so much. I'm sure he misses you, but we will take good care of him. I'll bring him to see you soon. Kelly, thank you for doing the great work you do. We appreciate you taking in this baby, even if it was by accident!

Arrow says HIYA! See you soon!