Monday, May 30, 2011


We adopted Belle a year ago in Tampa, Florida from Lost Angels and we couldn't have special ordered a more perfect addition to our family. My husband and I travel in our motor home several months out of the year and had just lost our two German Shepherds within a year of each other. They traveled with us for over 13 years. We were on our first trip without any dog when my neice sent us a link to Lost Angels and the first picture that I saw come up on my computer was Belle's. I just knew we had to have her.

We feel God sent Belle to us because she was already so perfect for us in every way. We didn't have to go through potty training her. She also is the best traveler we've ever had. She is so smart and understands everything we tell her. In fact, I taught her hand signals so sometimes we don't even have to say anything, just give her a signal. We love her so much. She is miss personality and keeps us in stitches with her antics. She loves everyone, including kids, cats and other animals. I don't think we will ever get another dog that isn't a rescue. There is something so special about them, it's as if they know they have been saved and appreciate it so much. Thank you Lost Angels for the wonderful job you are doing in rescuing these precious little ones. Belle's pictures are already on your blog as she loves to pose for anyone with a camera. Thanks again, Nancy and Guy Sheble